2017 Kioti CS2510 TLB Review

A capable, yet compact, tractor-loader-backhoe combo

By Geof Fowler, May 04, 2017
Daedong Industrial Company, Ltd was founded in 1947 and began to produce its first Kioti tractors in 1968. Eighteen years later, the first Kioti tractors reached U.S. shores. In 1993, that relationship was formalized, with the creation of the Kioti Tractor Division of Daedong – USA, Inc. and demonstrating a commitment to that market. Headquartered out of Wendell, NC, with a fulfillment center, parts network, and service center support for a North American network of more than 350 dealers. One of those dealers is Campbell Services in Bridgewater, Conn. who made available our test tractor. Campbell Services is a full-line dealership which has been in business for more than 70 years.

The Kioti CS Series is a two-tractor lineup that begins with the 21.1-horsepower CS2210 which Tractor.com tested back in 2016 and tops out with the 24.5-horsepower CS2510 subject of this weeks test. Bearing a S773L designation, the Daedong three-cylinder engine displaces 69 cubic inches and makes rated power at 3000 rpm. From the operator station at idle, our sound level readings ranged from 76-82 dBA.

A two-range hydrostatic transmission (HST) drives the tractor and is modulated by a twin, side-by-side pedal arrangement that allows infinite adjustment over the 0-10.31 mph forward and 0-6.96 mph reverse speed range. 4WD and differential lock are standard. Cruise control is optional. A 2200 rpm mid and 540 rpm rear power take-off (PTO) are both standard and can be operated separately or at the same time.

Hydraulics run through a gear pump flowing 6.5 gpm to the power steering and implement circuits. The Category I three-point hitch (3PH) has a lift capacity of 700 lbs. 24” aft of hitch. Lift control is by position, using a right fender lever and a left fender height stop adjustment.

Kioti matches its SL2410 loader to CS series tractors which can lift 675.3 lbs to a max height of 71.3”. Dump clearance with bucket at 45 degrees is 51”. Breakout force is 1332 lbs and bucket rollback force is 1109 lbs. Cycle times for the loader with 48” bucket and at 3000 rpm are 3.8 seconds full raise, 2.1 seconds full lower, 2.3 seconds full dump, and 2.2 seconds full curl. At idle, cycle times increase dramatically, which allows even a first-time user to use the tractor safely. A bolt on cutting edge is optional.

For TLB-outfitted tractors the backhoe used is Kioti’s model SB2410L, which has a dig depth capability of just over 6’. Reach is 105.7” with a swing arc of 150 degrees. Dig force at the bucket is 2105 lbs while at the dipperstick, the rated force is 1183 lbs. Our test tractor came with a 12” bucket, but 8” and 16” buckets are available. For backhoe work, the seat swivels rearward. All that’s required is the pulling of a pin, and with only minor effort, a lift and turn of the seat. The mechanism works as well as any swivel seat, and is better than some. A nice feature is the retractable seat belt which is attached to both sides of the seat, making it easily useable facing either way.

Our test tractor was not equipped with a mid-mount mower (MMM), but Kioti matches its model SM2410 to CS series tractors. The three-blade, 60” side-discharge mower offers a cut height of 1-4”, transport height clearance of 6”, blade tip velocity of 2888 rpm, and is compatible with the loader and backhoe. The deck is a drive-over style, but the shaft connection is manual. While this may seem to not be keeping up with some of the competition, the horror stories of out-of-adjustment auto connect mechanisms hint that that jury is still out.

Other options for CS series tractors include a field option cab, front and rear hydraulic valves, rear working lights, hydraulic filter guard, front tow hook, and the abovementioned cruise control.

Climb up into the operator cockpit and you’ll find the molded floor mostly flat with only the slightest of transmission humps. The seat is comfortable, the steering wheel, though fixed, has a nice comfortable angle that doesn’t block too much of the dash view. Turn the ignition key and the dashboard lights up, cycles all the way to the right and back to zero, signifying the glow plugs have done their work. The engine then fires right up with nary a puff of smoke. Control layout is uncluttered, with the left fender containing the transmission range lever, mid only-mid and rear-rear only PTO selector, mower height (3PH) adjustment and cup holder/storage tray. The right fender contains the PTO engagement lever and 3PH position control.

Operating the CS2510, we found the tractor’s low center of gravity and even counterbalancing between the loader and backhoe contributed to a stable platform, even on uneven and hilly terrain. Our test tractor was outfitted with R4 industrial tires, which may have helped contribute to that stable feel, but prospective purchases can also choose between R1 Ag or R3 turf tires. As mentioned above, operation of the backhoe and loader gets really dialed down at idle, and that includes the transmission operation as well, but push up the throttle, and the 24.5 horsepower powered package performs quite class-competitively. Our only nit might be the loader bucket max dump angle of 45 degrees when used in wet conditions, but even that is minor and not-at-all anything we would consider a deal stopper. Overall, we would rate the package competitive with any subcompact available, and with niceties many don’t offer or option out.

The 1485-pound CS2510 (tractor-only) measures 99.3” long by 46.7” wide and is 88” high to the top of the ROPS which folds for convenience. Riding on a 55.1” wheelbase with 18x1.5-10 front and 26x12.00-12 rear tires the tractor turn radius using the brake is 8.2’.

Kioti warrants CS tractors for two years bumper-to-bumper and currently through June adds extended powertrain coverage to six years (usually four years). As outfitted, our test TLB carried a MSRP of $22,500 which is quite competitive for the package niceties and capabilities. Incentives, including 0%/72 months, and for cash purchasers are available.

For a homeowner, hobby farmer, light landscaper, or user needing a compact yet capable TLB package, the CS2510 TLB is well worth adding to your “need-to-checkout” list. And for those in the vicinity of Bridgewater, Conn., Campbell Services would be a nice, friendly place to start.

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